Wednesday, August 26, 2009

[1] Harry Potter, Draco/Hermione

1. These things Happen by IrCrayonBoxen
So. Hermione is a pothead in the muggle world. And the wizarding world has no idea of its effects on humans. So when Hermione and Draco are sent out to the Forbidden forest, and they find a pot plant...she teaches Draco about pot of course. Rated M.

If this was made into a movie, Kristen Stewart could play the part of Hermione.

2. unreachable » by imreallyginnyweasey
what happens when draco falls in love, what about when hermione falls in love? what if they fall in love... with eachother? written in hermione's POV. please review. m for later chapters

*que dramatic music* DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN.

3. A Never Ending Dare » by totalgryffindork
A complex love story between Draco and Hermione. Draco plays Dare with his friends and is dared by Blaise to ask Hermione Granger out. Without a choice he does. But when Draco hangs out with Hermione more, he realizes that he might have feelings for her.

Sounds SUPER complex

4. Nightmare » by BlackxValentine
Nightmares leave Draco sleepless and confused as Hermione helps him uncover the truth behind the town of Silent Hill.

WAIT, WHAT? SILENT HILL??? Um...hate to break it to you BlackxValentine but that story line is TAKEN.

5. disturbia » by ashleigh granger
NOT A SONG FIC. DM/HG/BZ Hermione granger owns her own night club, and is relatively sane. until two gorgeous slytherins come in and turn her world upside down. harry and ron come in in later chapters, but are not friendly AT ALL. Will be M later


6. Hermione's Rose Tree » by DracoandHermioneforever96
Hermione has a scret rose tree at hogwarts. One day, she finds out it isn't just hers.

How DARE Draco steal her rose tree!

7.Inside Your Heaven » by angelfbabyxo
But I'm a mudblood," Hermione whispered. Draco smiled. "No, you're MY mudblood."

Aw how sweet. It's like saying "But I'm a bitch." "No, you're MY bitch." Romantic.

8. The Travesty of Human Fallibility » by evizyt
It's all your fault," she hissed, poking him in the chest. "If YOU hadn't gotten me drunk, seduced me, and forgotten contraception, then we wouldn't exactly be in this mess right now, would we?" He smirked. "Granger... you know you wanted me." DHr

Sounds like a typical Friday night.

9. Castle of Cake by Fire Magus
Draco is plagued by naughty dreams of Hermione; Hermione must find the missing stepfather of Blaise; Blaise forces Draco to help him run a bakery; Lucius throws a tea party; and something smells fishy. Literally and metaphorically. DM/HG.

Yes it does indeed.

10. The Coffee Prince Shop » by dominiquevip
Desperate for money, Hermione agrees to be Draco's gay lover to avoid his blind dates. After hiring her as a boy, he begins to develop feelings, will he accept his "homosexuality"? Hermione/Draco HP/PP MF/OC possibly BZ/GW and slashes?

Oh my god....YES.

Tune in next time for a new book/movie/tv show fan fiction and your favorite characters.


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