Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This blog will take you deep into the realm of what fiction would be like without the publishing industry. Publishers, being those that separate the good from the crap.

Why can't ANYONE write? -you ask

There is a good answer to that question and the answer lies within the realm of FAN FICTION!

I will give you the answer you seek through the magic of copy and paste. I alone will dare venture into the realm of and report back to you with the summary's of stories written by...ANYONE.

So read on, stay tuned, and come back often because each new post will take you into a new book/movie/tvshow fanfic with your favorite characters!


  1. I definitely think you need to explore the power of crossovers. Some of the writers get the most FASCINATING ideas of what two shows need their characters to meet each other and cavort gaily about their day.

  2. haha i have read some crossovers. I might add some to my next entry. thanks!

  3. Can't wait.

    Just looked over you full profile. You might enjoy GirlsNextDoor. A crossover comic of...well, you have to see it to b'leeve it.

    First one:

    The artist's gallery: