Thursday, September 10, 2009

[2] The Goonies, All Characters

'Okay who doesn't love the Goonies? How can ANYONE ruin the Goonies?'

I smiled to myself as this thought popped into my head when I saw Goonies as a fan fiction spot under movies. People who write about the Goonies HAVE to be good people right? They have to be the kind of people that really love the movie and know all the characters. They have to know what works and doesn't work. I mean Goonies fans, let's face it, are smart people...

Or so I thought. Let me introduce you to the worst ideas for Goonies fan fiction...EVER.

1. My Goonie Adventure by Munksrrbandppgfan
One happens when me and my 4 friends stumble in the Goonies world? As we come upstaires,we werent at my house..Our mouthes hung open and our eyes widend.Ellie dropped her soda and cheesy nachoes all over the floor..

I wonder ONE will happen?

2. The Goonies adventure » by GoonieGirl
six girls go into the movie The Goonies. Have the adventure that made us all hold our breaths. They have the most hilarious adventure. That you don't want to miss! I mean who doesn't love adventure, love, fun, and lots of humor?

This's so crazy it's so adventury I mean who doesn't want to miss this funny hilarious crazy adventure?!

3. Contact by K.C.zOMG
Her old pair being broken and abandoned, Stef needs new glasses. Mouth/Stef oneshot

What pair will she get? How will she pay for them? Will she like her new glasses? STAY TUNED.

4. A Gonnie Summer » by Chazzy
Thiiis is about their next adventour. there will be sum love danger ect send reviews if you wish me to add in a part that you will like.

I put this one in here because it MIGHT be funny if you can understand what it says.

5. The goonies return by GoonieGirl
seguel to a goonies adventure. I haven't finished the first one so don't read if you don't want major spoilers!

What's a seguel?

Tune in next time for a new book/movie/tv show fan fiction and your favorite characters.



  1. I'm trying to stop myself from laughing.

  2. I wrote some great Sloth/Data slash fiction. Maybe you saw it?

    It's the one where Data's slick shoes are used to lubricate a some long hard wood.