Wednesday, September 23, 2009

[3] The Bible...yes the Bible

I should have known this would come up, considering there is a class at my college you can take called, "The Bible As Literature."

Now many people follow the Bible and therefore I feel that that makes them a "fan" of the Bible. But why on EARTH would these people want to create their own fictitious version of events in the Bible??? WHY?!

Well I've found some of those people. So please sit back, relax, and read some summaries of particularly interesting Bible Fanfiction.

1.He'll Be Coming Like the Lightning When He Comes by Qoheleth
For those who like an apocalyptic note in their campfire songs.

Yes please!

2. My Last Supper by Qoheleth
If the ABBA people expect me to apologize for this, they little know their man.

Oh yes...yes...set to the song "Our Last Summer". By the way, I'm a huge ABBA fan. So I had to click on the story and here is the first few lines:

I can still recall
My Last Supper,
I still see it all:
In the upper room,
When the hour had come,
My Last Supper,
Just before the tomb.

3.Heavenly High » by notfoyoo
My totaaly cool story that im righting about this gurl Trinity at a scool wit Bible ppl an ppl from mythology an gods an stufff. becaus iv been preying about wat to do and GOD said to wright.

This summary speaks for itself.

4.Rayne and Jill the little black bible by Breeder of evil
This is the second bone tingling part in my sattyrical, raunchy spoof of the bible. YAAAAAAAAAY it took a while but i wrote ahead in this time soooo more coming soon guys next up "WTF" the third chapter. lol you'll see why it is so titled.

Oh No....Noooooo I was waiting for the "dirty" version fo the Bible to pop up somewhere. And here it is.

5.Judas Has a Song Stuck in His Head by DragonWriter444
It's "Womanizer".

Great, do we have to bring Britney Spears into EVERYTHING?

6.Christ '08 by Threefold Vixen
In which Jesus runs for President of the US.

Urm...didn't this already happen? Obama won?

7.Hot steamy yaoi by Ch3rry1010
a very short story my friend wrote with judas, jesus, and a four legged friend.

Well it was only a matter of time before bestiality got involved

So in conclusion...MOST of the people who write Bible fanfiction...will all go to hell.

Tune in next time for a new book/movie/tv show fan fiction and your favorite characters.



  1. You said 'follow the Bible' and i went THE BIBLE IS ON TWITTER? AND NOBODY TOLD ME?

    'iv been preying about wat to do and GOD said to wright' -- lolz. God also says to work on soem decent spelling and grammar.

    womanizer, womanizer, womanizer eh eh

  2. Haha That would be so cool if you could follow the Bible on twitter. Sign me up.

  3. Why would people write bible fanfic? Why write fanfic in any fandom?
    It's got some powerful characters, basic themes, lasting influence... It's always been a popular source for material. Sometimes too popular.
    Many of the Christians I talk to will discuss the circles of Hell and what level different sins will send you to; and how Satan rebelled and got sent to rule Hell...and they're convinced this is in the Bible somewhere. Truth is, Milton and Dante wrote fictional accounts of characters that were not original to them... Or, fanfic.

    There's also a huge genre of fanfic where the author takes over a fandom so they can preach about Christain themes. Raven of the Teen Titans turning out to be the cause of the Apocalypse is a very popular one.

    I wrote one because the scene where a drunken Noah curses his grandson seemed rather illogical to me. I tried to explore what might have brought that about. If you're ever on the bible section of Adult Fanfiction Net you might see it.

  4. I googled myself and found this page. Your comment about my particular fanfiction made me laugh. Yes, we do indeed need to bring Britney Spears into everything.