Thursday, February 25, 2010

[5] Slash Fiction: Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy

In honor of talking about GLBTQ issues in my class last night and in particular the term "Celluloid Coloset" (basically meaning taking on a queer reading of a predominantly straight book), and because slash fiction is the most popular form of fiction on fan, I bring to you some horribly awesome writings from the other side of the track.

1. Chocolate sheets by HPxXx
It's a few years since Hogwarts and Harry is working for the Ministry. While out at a new bar Harry bumps into Draco, how things have changed since Hogwarts, they would never have considered..

I'm more concerned with the title than anything else...

2. Ceremonies of Strife by Lomonaaeren
HPDM slash. Sequel to Soldier's Welcome. Harry and Draco's second year of Auror training, with unicorn ghosts, the risen dead, and a secret order of assassins, not to mention Nihil's war.


3. Phoenix Tears by slytherin-nette
To Draco Malfoy, his given orders were simple. Turn Harry Potter into a woman. Get her pregnant. Resurrect Lord Voldemort’s soul into the baby’s body. The plan was flawless. He just never planned on falling in love. DM/femHP. Post-DH Hogwarts.

HOLY SHIT! HOW?!?!?!?!

4. Pretend World by xdreamlessxvoyeurx
Adopted from The Minja Turtle- Carey Potter made a wish for someone to guide her through the rough times in her life, and she got her wish in the form of an Angel. This angel just so happens to be a male version of herself from another world. HP/DM AU

Wait, what?

5. In Harms Way by DarlingZombie
SlightAU.Draco goes to San Francisco to see the World Cup and to get a book signed by his favorite author. What happens when he recognizes her from school? Just who is Harmony Potts? and whatever happened to Potter after the Battle of Hogwarts? HPDM slash

This is the weirdest most original plot I've ever come across.

6. An Elf's Lament by Amethyst Flames
Santa is determined to reward Draco's appearance on the “nice” list with his heart's desire and that desire just happens to be Harry. A pushy elf named Hector is landed with the rather impossible job of giving Harry to Draco.


7. . Still Loved By All by Lilith1631
Draco, Champion of Muggles, is continuing his quest to be Loved By All, especially by Harry.

This would be the most out of character fan fic ever.

It seems that slash fiction writers (at least Draco/Harry ones) can actually write well, and put grammatical sentences together. There was hardly anything to make fun of except really odd plot lines! Way to write well in the English language Drarry fans!